We strive to protect our Users from fraudulent and scam activities in the crypto assets sphere. It is possible, that certain crypto assets are used for scam or any other criminal activity, as defined by law. In order to prevent this, it is necessary to take measures to ensure customer verification and security of financial transactions. One of the best measures is AML/KYC procedure, which allows us to confirm, that you are a law-abiding individual or corporation.
Cripto InterCambio service has a risk scoring system that is able to spot suspicious activity. If a transaction is flagged by the system, it is put on hold and the User is asked to pass AML & KYС verification.
Cripto InterCambio service reserves the right to apply the AML/KYC procedure to certain Users, addresses and particular transactions of crypto assets. Application of the AML/KYC procedure is based on Cripto InterCambio service internal policies and aimed at preventing and mitigating possible risks of Cripto InterCambio service being involved in money laundering as well as any other illegal activities.
Please be informed, that Cripto InterCambio service reserves the right to appoint Third-party service provider in order to fulfil AML/KYC procedure on behalf of Cripto InterCambio service. While processing your information, such service provider completely complies our Privacy Policy in respect of your personal information.
Cripto InterCambio service can provide the information collected during AML/KYC procedure to the competent authorities upon legitimate request.
Cripto InterCambio service will not enter a business arrangement with individual or entity suspected of or directly involved in money laundering, or in which the funds have been the source of illegal activity.
AML and KYC Procedure
AML/KYC procedure might be applied in respect to those crypto assets payins, which are determined by our automated risk prevention system as suspicious. In these cases, Cripto InterCambio service will contact the User by email registered with account.
AML/KYC procedure includes confirming the identity of Users by means of:
  1. A high-quality photo of their ID (passport or driving license) valid in their country;
  2. Proof of the origin of funds;
  3. Any other applicable documentation.
Upon successful completion of the AML & KYC verification, the transaction that was put on hold will be processed.
If there is any reasonable doubt that any information provided by User is wrong, untruthful, outdated or incomplete, Cripto InterCambio service has the right to send User a notice to demand corrections or terminate all of the Services to the User.