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The best crypto events in 2020

The community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts in Latin America increases every year, and as a result there are more and more crypto events on the continent.

Being the virtual crypto community par excellence, these meetings are an opportunity to meet the real people who are part of it. Undoubtedly, one of the most interesting things is the variety of people that can be found there: there are new users, taking their first steps in this universe, startups that develop their own blockchain technologies, and large cryptocurrency investors.

Crypto events are a great way to keep up to date with the latest market trends and expectations for the future, to learn about new ways of applying the blockchain technologies, to understand how the issue of regulation is going on in the countries of the region and to establish good contacts in the area.

The Cripto InterCambio blog has chosen some of the most important cryptocurrency and blockchain events in Latin America that will take place this year.

Crypto events in 2020 with set date

CryptoNight (January/ Chile)

Organized by the NGO Bitcoin Chile, CryptoNight brings together some of the key names of the country’s crypto community for a night of debates, conferences and a lot of learning. Just like the other “crypto nights” that take place around the world, the event begins at dusk and lasts until midnight of the same day.

Tickets for the next edition to be held in the city of Vitacura on January 11 are already on sale. It will include workshops on blockchain, educational events and debates on how to invest in cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain Summit LatAm (March / Panama)

One of the major events at the continental level is the Blockchain Summit LatAm. With a great emphasis on the ways of applying blockchain technologies, this conference tries to bring together programmers, developers, startups and entrepreneurs of the region to discuss the latest trends in this technology in the Latin American context.

In addition to crypto assets, there are people who apply these technologies in many other contexts – health, environment, philanthropy, etc.

Summits have already been held in Chile, Colombia and Mexico. Its next edition, which will be held on March 12 and 13, 2020, will take place in Panama City. Tickets are now available on the event’s website.

BitcoinDay (March / Uruguay)

Another event that circulates with great success throughout the Latin American continent is the BitcoinDay, which has already passed through Mexico, Peru and Argentina. Their next meeting will be in Montevideo on March 24, 2020.

This event is specifically intended for crypto startups and nonprofit organizations, with the aim of spreading cryptoculture throughout the continent. CEOs and blockchain experts will be invited to host lectures, workshops and debates.

BITCONF (March / Brazil)

Despite the similarity of the name, BITCONF has nothing to do with laBITconf. It’s a nationwide event that has been held since 2014 and that takes place every year in Brazil. According to its organizers, the last event had more than 1200 participants and more than 40 speakers, in addition to a series of courses and workshops for new and advanced users.

The VII BITCONF was scheduled for 2019 but, due to a series of problems in the Brazilian market this year it was finally transferred to São Paulo between 30 and 31 March 2020. Tickets are already on sale on the event’s website.

Crypto events in 2020 without a defined date

In addition to events with a confirmed date, the continent has several traditional events and meetings that do not yet have an expected date.


The Latin American Bitcoin and Blockchain Conference – or laBITconf – is one of the most prestigious crypto events on the continental level. The conference is held annually since 2013, countries changing every year. It also offers its participants a bit of the local culture of each place at the shows and parties that take place alongside with the meeting.

The 2019 conference was held in Montevideo from December 12 to 13. It introduced dozens of speakers, who discussed a multitude of topics: blockchain architecture, trends of Latin American and world markets, regulatory debates, etc. The 2020 BITconf has no date yet, but the expectations are high!

Crypto Latin Fest

Initiated in 2018, the Crypto Latin Fest takes place in a relaxed atmosphere, gathering conferences, workshops and musical shows – all outdoors. Its first edition was held in Buenos Aires, and the second one in Bogotá. The event is sponsored by some of the main crypto communication and news networks on the continent. We are still waiting for information about the 2020 edition.

Argentina Cryptofest (Argentina)

First held in September 2019 in the city of Córdoba, Argentina Cryptofest was held in a modern environment, with the support of the university and the local government. In addition to the conferences with prominent members of the local crypto community, the event also featured a hackathon full of electronic music.

BlockCrypto Conference (Brazil)

BlockCrypto Conference is one of the most important events for the Brazilian crypto community. The objective of BlockCrypto is to bring the many startups in the blockchain area closer to the traditional market agents. In July 2019, the second edition of the event was held, with a great fair and a session dedicated to the women of blockchain and the public speakers from all over the planet.

CryptoConference (Venezuela)

CryptoConference is one of the most traditional events of the Venezuelan crypto community, one of the most important events of this type in Latin America. In 2019, the seventh edition of the event was held, with the participation of entrepreneurs, developers and specialists. We look forward to the eighth edition in 2020!

Conclusion: crypto expands in Latin America

With this considerable number of events for this year, one thing is clear: the Latin American crypto community continues its consolidation process. For an individual user as well as for a big investor, there are many opportunities for learning, fun and business at these events.

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