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CoinMarketCap and Yahoo Finance partner to show their users data about cryptocurrencies

As a further proof of the expansion of cryptocurrencies, CoinMarketCap and Yahoo Finance have come together to show real-time data about the crypto market to its users.

This is already good enough. Receiving an average of 70 million users per month, Yahoo Finance is the largest personal finance site in the world, and it’s especially influential in English-speaking countries.

In addition to real-time stock prices worldwide, the Yahoo platform also publishes a large amount of content: business news, investment advice, interviews with CEOs and experts, market analysis, etc.

Due to the new partnership, Yahoo Finances also makes the content on cryptocurrencies offered by CoinMarketCap available. Well known in the crypto world, this site uses data from more than 200 exchanges across the planet, which can provide an estimate of the fluctuation of the value of cryptocurrencies.

Besides, Yahoo will also feature important news for the crypto world gathered by the CoinMarketCap blog, as well as the analysis of market trends and various educational content.

Considering this, the objective of the collaboration is to satisfy the needs of the user who already invests in crypto, in addition to the more traditional actions; also to popularize the concepts and slang of the crypto world among a wider audience.

Data on more than 118 types of cryptocurrencies on Yahoo Finance

Currently, Yahoo Finance is already displaying data from more than 118 types of cryptocurrencies. Thus, in addition to the most famous Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Tether and Lithecoin, the site provides information on the tokens that are less known by the public in general.

Possesing these data makes it easier to understand the short, medium and long-term trends in the value of a certain crypto asset, as well as the volume of transactions and the market capitalization value. This way it is possible to make well-grounded decisions regarding crypto investments.

Data provided by CoinMarketCap and Yahoo Finance

  • Name;
  • Price;
  • Change;
  • Market cap;
  • Volume in currency;
  • Circulating supply;
  • 52 week range;
  • 1 day chart.

And it’s only the beginning! According to Daniel Roberts, one of the editors of the Yahoo Finance website, the goal in the near future is to provide information on more than 2000 different cryptocurrencies.

For a newbie, this is very enriching. After all, one of the biggest benefits of cryptocurrencies is the ease of changing them. Possessing this myriad of data, the investor can decide which is the best cryptocurrency to have at all times – in addition to understanding a little more about the functioning of the crypto world.

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Crypto news and the Yahoo Finance analysis

However, the partnership is not limited to the data visualization. Besides that, the Yahoo Finance site also contains daily news and analysis of trends in the crypto world.

Keeping up with the news is essential to reach success on this market, whether for a novice investor or for an expert. Statements of the public authorities, specific regulations, changes in the initial design of the cryptocurrency, the hackers’ actions… all of this makes the price of cryptocurrencies fluctuate upwards or downwards.

In this regard, it’s really important to have a reliable source of news. And, of course, the partnership between CoinMarketCap and Yahoo Finance also goes in this direction. CoinMarketCap already has its own blog with news from the cryptouniverse, which will also be shared by Yahoo.

Over time, the aim is to generate more educational content, such as videos, tutorials and investment guides. All with the purpose of disclosure and consolidation of the crypto market.

In addition, Yahoo Finance now also offers the daily technical analysis of the price of the main cryptocurrencies. Using the graphs with the price variation, the financial market specialists try to draw the possible scenarios. While it is impossible to predict the future, such analyses can at least give a clue about how to invest in the crypto market.

Conclusion: CoinMarketCap and Yahoo Finance are a perfect combination

The partnership between CoinMarketCap and Yahoo Finance demonstrates the tendency of the popularization of cryptocurrencies that we are following.

The time when crypto was something only for software developers and experts has passed. With a little information, anyone can become an investor in the crypto market.

After all, a big part of the fear of cryptocurrencies is nothing more than lack of knowledge about the functioning of its main technology, the blockchain, and a prejudice against a new type of money.

In this sense, there are many companies and countries that are studying how to make the best use of the blockchain technology, and even how to create their own cryptocurrency to fit the economy of the future.

Yahoo Finance talks with an audience already accustomed to the financial market.  New content will make more people interested in cryptocurrency investments. Amid the news about the rise and fall of stock prices, market trends and major business movements, crypto gains its deserved space.

For those who has already entered the crypto world, the news are excellent. Not only because you get a reliable source of data on cryptocurrency, but also because the more people invest in crypto, the more significant is the appreciation of cryptocurrency.

In crypto we trust!

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