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How to exchange Ethereum (ETH) in 2020

How to Exchange Ethereum (ETH) in 2020: The year 2020 offers many opportunities for both people who own cryptocurrencies and for those who want to start investing in them.

You don’t need to be an expert to enter the crypto market. Considering the current situation in the world, with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the issues the global economy is facing because of it, now is a great time to invest in cryptocurrencies.

Ethereum is one of the most famous coins in the world. Not only because there is a lot of money invested in it (it’s the second largest crypto by market capitalization), but also because it is a programmable cryptocurrency, meaning it makes it possible to create decentralized applications and smart contracts on the basis of it.

The value of ETH is currently positioned at around $170 to $173, making it more attractive to potential investors.

In this article, the Cripto InterCambio blog will explain how to exchange Ethereum (ETH) in 2020, in a simple, quick and reliable way.

How to exchange Ethereum (ETH) in 2020 – Why exchange Ethereum into other currencies?

Ethereum is a cryptocurrency that has solid architecture. The ideas behind it and its actual structure open the door to a wide variety of potential use cases, e.g. video games, decentralized finance, various apps, and so on.

One thing that must be considered is that the crypto market is quite volatile. For that reason, diversifying your portfolio is a must.

There are plenty other cryptocurrencies that are also excellent projects and show high growth potential. You could exchange your Ethereum funds into them.

Some cryptocurrencies that deserve to be mentioned are:

  • Bitcoin: It is still one of the best investment options in 2020. Due to Bitcoin Halving that will happen this year, there are great expectations for its price.
  • Ripple (XRP): Ripple’s cryptocurrency has remained fairly stable since its inception in 2012, and while it cannot be mined, it is worth keeping an eye on. Learn more about it in the article What is Ripple (XRP)?
  • Litecoin: A currency created as an alternative to Bitcoin which has shown stability in terms of architecture and main goals since its inception.
  • Bitcoin Cash: It was born from the famous Bitcoin hard fork in 2018, and today it is positioned as one of the most popularsplitcoins inthe market. Learn more about it in the article What is Bitcoin Cash?

Also, it is worth looking at some of the cryptocurrencies that has shown the biggest growth in value last year: Ravencoin, which grew over 300%; Binance Coin, with a growth rate of over 400%; and EOS, whose growth was over 200% in 2019.

Another reason why you might decide to exchange Ethereum toanother crypto is for shopping. Bitcoin is more adopted than ETH, and it offers access to some interesting cashback programs.

Other cryptocurrencies may suddenly grow, and the ones we’ve listed may fall in price. This is why it is so important to have a diversified portfolio. Additionally, this is also why even a cryptocurrency as big as Ethereum, despite maintaining a solid position, is always competing with other players in the market.

How to exchange Ethereum (ETH) in 2020 – Exchange for other cryptocurrencies or sell Ethereum

Exchanging Ethereum for other cryptocurrencies or selling itis not as complicated as it may seem, and only a few steps must be followed to make a successful transaction.

The first step is getting a wallet, either digital or physical, that mainly supports Ethereum. With one of these, it is possible to send or receive funds.

We strongly advise to have a wallet that supports a wide variety of cryptocurrencies. This way it’d be easier if you decide to exchange and not sell.

Then, find an exchange platform that will suit your needs.

There are a few options available if you want to sell your crypto, here are two of them:

  • Local Cryptos: First it is necessary to open an account and have an active wallet to make transactions. To make transactions easily and securely, we suggest dealing only with sellers that have a high reputation on the platform.
  • Airtm: The first thing you will have to do is create an account and check your profile. In order to trade, it is necessary to choose the cryptocurrency option.

When it comes to crypto-to-crypto exchanges, Cripto InterCambio is certainly the best option. We offer easy access to over one hundred cryptocurrencies, and it is not necessary to create an account to start trading, which optimizes the time people spend on each transaction.

Another advantage of our platform is that there are no fees and no limits for transactions. All this, together with how intuitive our interface is, make Cripto InterCambio an excellent choice for trading crypto-to-crypto.

Conclusion: 2020 – An interesting year to invest in cryptocurrency

As we’ve mentioned before, 2020 is a promising year for all cryptocurrencies and also for the enthusiasts and investors who follow this market closely.

Despite the current doubts due to the state of the global economy, crypto is still seen as a sound investment opportunity both in the short and long term. The world is currently revolving around modern technologies that go hand in hand with the development of cryptocurrencies.

There are many possibilities in this new world. Ethereum is certainly one of the most trusted names in the cryptocurrency industry, but there are also other coins with great growth potential. Therefore, we advise you to diversify your investments.

On the Cripto InterCambio website you can find a variety of coins and many ways to exchange Ethereum for other currencies with the best rates and facilities on the market. Don’t miss your chance!

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