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How to Exchange Bitcoin (BTC) in 2020: Exchange Bitcoin for Cryptocurrencies

How to exchange Bitcoin (BTC) in 2020? This year, the cryptocurrency market has had a lot of good investment opportunities. The best part is that it is open to any type of investor. You can become part of this market if you are a billionaire in search of new business opportunities, or a worker who wants to make his savings more profitable. Cryptocurrencies are a safe, efficient, and innovative technology. You can profit from them with some understanding of how this market works and some patience.

There is no need for advanced computer knowledge in order to start investing in cryptocurrencies. You just need to have a virtual wallet and buy your favorite currency. Bitcoin would be a good start. In the article Beginner’s guide to investing in cryptocurrencies, we explain this process step by step.

But for those who already have Bitcoin, a world of possibilities is wide open. Trading Bitcoin for other currencies is a great way to take advantage of the market ups and downs and maximize profits.

Crypto InterCambio has produced this guide on how to exchange Bitcoin (BTC) in 2020, so that you can get the most out of it.

How to Exchange Bitcoin (BTC) in 2020: Why should you invest in other cryptocurrencies?

The crypto market has been consolidating year after year. Huge price fluctuations have not stopped large institutional investors from aggressively entering this market. For example, the Intercontinental Exchange, which owns the New York Stock Exchange, launched Bakkt. Another example is the inclusion of cryptocurrencies data on Yahoo Finance, the largest financial website in the world.

In this sense, it is naive to think that the crypto market can be summed up to just Bitcoin. There are hundreds of other projects as consistent, or even more consistent, than BTC. Some issues with this crypto are based on its slow transaction speeds, imperfect anonymity, and constant network instability.

2019 was an excellent year for Bitcoin, as its price rose more than 100% between January and December, but it was even better for other cryptocurrencies that made more spectacular profits. Let’s see:

  • Binance Coin: +463%
  • Ravencoin: +308%
  • Litecoin:  +270%
  • Bittorrent Token:  +257%
  • EOS:  +203%

As you might expect, these currencies have a lower market capitalization value than BTC, so growing this fast is less difficult for them. But, from the individual investor’s point of view, what matters is profit maximization.

We are not suggesting leaving Bitcoin, which is still the main point of entry into the crypto world and has proven to be functional and very safe. Besides this, since its market value is higher, its fluctuations tend to be less violent.

Therefore, our suggestion is investment diversification. Whether you are planning to invest in the short or long term, it is always a good idea to take advantage of the profit possibilities offered by the crypto market and avoid large losses.

How to Exchange Bitcoin (BTC) in 2020: Exchange Bitcoin for Cryptocurrencies

As transactions are only made between virtual wallets, exchanging Bitcoin for Cryptocurrencies is very simple. At Crypto InterCambio, we are experts in crypto exchanges. Here, you can exchange your Bitcoin for more than 100 types of currency in minutes, with total anonymity and security.

All you need is a wallet that accepts both types of crypto, Bitcoin and the currency you want. From this point, the process is quite simple. Let’s see:

How to Exchange Bitcoin in Crypto InterCambio

  • On the home screen, choose the cryptocurrency you want to exchange for Bitcoin. The web page will automatically show you the current quotes. Click on “Exchange now”.
  • The site will ask for the wallet address where the funds will be sent after the exchange. For example, if you wish to receive Ethereum, you must enter the address of your ETH wallet. Click on “Next step”.
  • On this screen, you can check the details of your transaction. The site will show the amount sent, the amount you will receive, the network fee, the expected exchange rate, and the estimated time for the transaction to take place. Click on “Confirm & make payment”.
  • After that, you will receive a Bitcoin wallet address. Then it is the time to send your funds. Go to your wallet and send your BTC to the address shown by the system.
  • Now you just have to wait! The Cripto InterCambio algorithm will do the conversion automatically. You will receive the desired currency in your wallet between 5 and 30 minutes later.

Do you see how simple it is? During this process, you can follow each step of your transaction by clicking on “History”. At CIC, you always have control of your funds!

Exchange Bitcoin: A Good Business Opportunity!

2020 has been quite hectic in the crypto world. After the best January since 2013, with gains over 30% in BTC and 100% in Dash, the coronavirus has brought great uncertainty to the market. Currently, the crypto world seems to be recovering from the initial fall caused by the epidemic.

It is impossible to know what will happen in the coming months. Regardless of the uncertainty caused by the epidemic, investors are optimistic. 2020 is the year of Bitcoin halving, one of the most anticipated events on the market. In the short term, there is a risk, but also an opportunity. Anyone who knows how to take advantage of this context can do well this year.

In the medium and long term, investment in cryptocurrencies is closely related to the adoption of its technologies. Therefore, it is worth learning about the crypto projects available on the market and for investing. Maybe you can build a richer future.

You can count on Crypto InterCambio for this. Our transactions are fast, simple, and anonymous. Until next time!

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