Top 4 best cryptocurrencies to invest!

With thousands of crypto assets available in the market, it is common to wonder which is the best cryptocurrency to invest. After all, each currency is unique: although the vast majority of them use blockchain technology, each has different objectives and codes.

In addition, the user community changes a lot from one cryptocurrency to another. There are some pioneer users, long-time inhabitants of the crypto world, ardent supporters of Bitcoin (BTC). Others are in favor of Ethereum smart contracts.

For those who like taking chances, there are those cryptocurrencies in the initial stage (known as ICO – Initial Coin Offering), whose capitalization value is very low, but the growth expectation is enormous. For those who are averse to risk, stablecoins are the best option.

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In order to answer the question about the best currency to invest, we have created a list with 4 best options.

What should I consider when choosing the best cryptocurrency to invest?

The answer is: there is no single way to invest in crypto. Choosing the right cryptocurrency for you will depend on what you are looking for. Some of the most important factors to consider are:

  • Duration of the investment: are you looking for a short, medium or long-term investment?
  • Currency architecture: do you prefer centralized coins (usually managed by a company) or decentralized? Or does it make no difference to you?
  • Risk: are you willing to invest in a little-known cryptocurrency that you can (or not) value? Or do you prefer cryptocurrencies of consolidated value, whose stability is greater?
  • Project and technology: some of the investments in the crypto world are connected with personal preferences regarding the projects. The technology of a given cryptocurrency may seem more sophisticated to one user. For the other, such are the possibilities generated by the type of blockchain of the company.

1. Bitcoin (BTC)

Of course, at the top of the list is the first and most popular currency. This year, Bitcoin completed its first decade of existence, despite many predictions that its technology would not last long.

Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency with the highest market capitalization. According to CoinMarketCap, in December 2019 its value was at a level of $ 131,195,303,969.

Why invest in Bitcoin?

Being the most popular of all cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is unlikely to suffer large value losses. As there are millions of cryptocurrency supporters who tend to stand by it despite the momentary market fluctuations, the risk that its value suddenly collapses is low.

Currently, Bitcoin stands at around $ 7,500 per unit, well below the almost $ 20,000 it reached at its peak in 2017. However, many analysts indicate that with the gradual popularization of the asset the tendency for short and long term is bullish.

However, there are also some very optimistic points of view! According to the theory of Never Look Back Bitcoin, the price of the currency can reach one million dollars in 2028.

2. Ethereum (ETH)

Another good investment is Ethereum. It emerged in 2014, and spread rapidly throughout the crypto world, becoming the second largest currency in the market capitalization value: it is currently estimated at $ 15,775,985,683.

Why invest in Ethereum?

Appeared many years after Bitcoin, this cryptocurrency not only improved some of the main features of BTC, but also brought great innovations.

Its main feature is smart contracts. It is a kind of an algorithmic agreement between the parties that realize a transaction, which gives more flexibility when making payments.

Due to this feature, thousands of softwares and companies that use Ethereum technology for their transactions appear annually – allowing Ether to continue expanding. Currently, Ethereum 2.0 is being implemented, which promises to bring some improvements to this already popular cryptocurrency.

Therefore, Ethereum is a very powerful investment.

3. Litecoin (LTC)

Created by developers from the prestigious MIT university, Litecoin emerged from an internal division of the original Bitcoin project in 2011. That’s why it is known by many as Bitcoin-Lite. Currently, its market capitalization value is estimated at $ 2,827,809,163 dollars, which makes it the sixth largest cryptocurrency of all.

Why invest in Litecoin?

During the crypto boom in 2017, this cryptocurrency grew by 5000% and gained an extremely active community of users and supporters of its project. It uses a technology which is very similar to the one used by Bitcoin, but with a considerably higher processing speed, which makes it ideal for making payments. Considering all that, Litecoin is an investment of great potential for the coming years.

4. Bitcoin SV

For those who want to take a little more risk, Bitcoin SV is a very interesting alternative. With an estimated market capitalization value of $ 1,732,064,000, this is the ninth largest currency in the world – which is simply extraordinary for a currency that appeared only in 2018.

Why invest in Bitcoin SV?

Bitcoin SV was born with the objective of restoring the original Bitcoin project according to what Satoshi Nakamoto had thought of it. That is why appears the “SV”, which means “Satoshi Vision”.

It uses the same architecture and the same code as the original Bitcoin project, but tries to perform some features that were not implemented in the original BTC. The objective of the coin is to provide greater stability, scalability and security.

In 2020, this cryptocurrency will go through a hard fork, which promises to make Bitcoin SV even more efficient. Therefore, there are high expectations regarding its potential, and it is an interesting investment for those who are willing to take chances.

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