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Crypto Games: This is the Top 7

Crypto games have become increasingly popular on the Internet, and are one of the main applications of blockchain technology. The crypto game world already includes the most important game genres: RPG, shooting games, casinos, sports, etc.

Several factors explain why cryptocurrencies and virtual games have such an affinity. First, a generational reason: young people, who are the most likely to invest in cryptocurrencies, are the main audience of these virtual games.

In addition, we can talk about a new virtual game economy. There are several ways to fund games, and cryptocurrencies offer good possibilities to generate business. The most elementary way is to accept payments with crypto, reaching new potential customers, as many online casinos and gambling sites have done.

Also, there are crypto games in which items and some exclusive functions can only be purchased with cryptocurrencies. Finally, one of the most promising possibilities blockchain has brought to gaming is the possibility of letting them have their own tokens. They can be used in the game universe, and marketed on crypto exchanges.

In this article, the Cripto InterCambio blog will present a list of the best crypto games.

The Best Crypto Games

1. Decentraland

Decentraland is a virtual reality platform programmed into the Ethereum network. The game has its own cryptocurrency, MANA. Its estimated market capitalization value is $45 million, which makes it the 99th largest cryptocurrency.

Users must use their MANA to buy property in LAND, which is the fictional world in which the game takes place. The player can create a multitude of applications within his property: games, cryptocurrency services, tourism, and so on.

The game innovatively mixes the economy of the virtual world with the digital economy. Properties in LAND are valued according to the dynamics of the local economy and can be bought or sold.

2. Blockchain Cuties

Blockchain Cuties is one of the most popular crypto games and has collected numerous awards since its beta version was launched in 2018.

The game takes place in the unexplored world of Cutieland. There are mysterious little creatures, the Cuties, fighting in battles and evolving, gaining greater value within the game.

Each Cutie has its unique genetics: dogs, cats, lizards, pandas, etc. These characters can be traded or exchanged through smart contracts created by the game development team.

Blockchain Cuties is hosted on Ethereum’s blockchain platform, but it can also be used with EOS, TRON, and NEO.

3. CryptoKitties

CryptoKitties was one of the first popular Ethereum network dApps. Just like the good old Tamagochis (or virtual bugs) in the 90s, each player has his own kitten, which is stored on the blockchain network.

The kittens grow and reproduce among themselves, generating unique beings that can be collected, exchanged, or marketed. The CryptoKitties market facilitates the transactions of these adorable animals.

 4. Ethermon

Pokemon fans will love playing Ethermon. In this Ethereum network application, players can travel the virtual world in search of Ethermons, creatures very similar to the well-known Pikachus, Bulbasaurs, and Charmanders.

When the user captures a small monster, it is stored on the game’s blockchain network. Classified as collectibles, Ethermons can be exchanged, bought, or sold depending on their rarity or level – the higher the level, the higher the value of the creature. Also, they can be trained in the game.

Moreover, this crypto game has its own ERC20 token, the EMONT, which can be easily exchanged with ETH and vice versa. You can even mine EMONT, and use it in the game or sell it on your favorite exchange.

5. Spells of Genesis

RPGs are also very popular among crypto games. Spells of Genesis brings an interesting mix between card games (like Magic or Yu Gi Oh!) and Arcade games.

Cards are collectibles. You can create your own deck. It will help you fight against other players, form teams and create strategies to be stronger and stronger.

Cards are stored on the blockchain and can be exchanged with other players. Spells of Genesis is already a classic crypto game that includes a universe of wizards, druids, and mysterious beings.

6. Neon District

Neon District is known for bringing the film cyberpunk culture, like Blade Runner, into a virtual world that mixes RPG with action games. The game takes place in the dystopian Neon District, a world of genetically modified figures outside the law.

It is a single-player game, and there are several characters to play with. As the game progresses, new characters and teams can be collected. They will be registered on the game’s blockchain and can be exchanged between players.

The game is launched in seasons, each time with new missions and new worlds. The launch of the second season of Neon District is expected by the end of 2020. It will have an online mode. Let’s wait for it!

7. Casinos and Betting Houses with Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies offer another means of payment to sports betting and virtual casino fans. Whether you are betting on the victory of your favorite team, playing poker, trying your luck at virtual roulette, etc, you can do it all with cryptocurrencies.

Some main operators in the industry already accept payments with crypto, as well as the traditional means of deposit. This is the case of 1xBet and Rivalo, two of the largest bookmakers in the world. Now, there are houses specialized in cryptocurrency operations. For example, the Fairspin casino works entirely on the blockchain and has its own cryptocurrency. It is called TPLAY and can be purchased with Bitcoin or Ethereum.

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