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Interview with the ambassador of Dash in Brazil: “Now the only way is up!”

Cripto InterCambio has recently launched the Crypto Diversity Program that is aimed to popularize different kinds of altcoins among the community of crypto users. This campaign includes providing better exchange conditions on selected coins, exclusive interviews with team members and ambassadors, articles observing each coin on our blog and related content on social media.

The first currency that we have chosen for our program is Dash. You can read the educational article about What is Dash on the CIC blog. This cryptocurrency has managed to gain a powerful community of users and a good reputation among altcoins in its 6 years of existence. Considering this, Dash can be called one of the most promising altcoins on the crypto market.

This time as part of the program we have interviewed Rodrigo Ambrissi, the youtuber for Dash Brazil. Rodrigo kindly agreed to answer our questions about Dash and cryptocurrency in general.

Hello! How are you doing?

– Great to be a youtuber!

– Please tell us more about yourself. What exactly do you do for Dash?

– I run marketing and social media campaign and the YouTube channel for Dash Brazil.

– What is the philosophy of your company? Is it being followed?

– Create easy solutions for mass adoption of crypto.

– Can you name your top 3 reasons why users should invest in Dash nowadays?


 1. More secure than all the banks in Switzerland;

 2. You have 100% control of your funds;

 3. It cannot be controlled by any banks or government.

– What is the most attractive thing about Dash for its users? What are the benefits of using this currency? 

– The ecosystem allows Dash to be self-sustaining. Every month 10% of all generated tokens go to a treasury, where anyone in the world can apply for the funds to help develop the ecosystem of the project.

– Recently the Dash Trust Protector Mark Mason posted a tweet pointing out the significant growth of the Dash community in Venezuela within the last year. What do you think may be the reasons for it? Would you link it directly to the current situation in the country?

– Venezuela develops its own community. In 2017, the recent economic situation made people understand the necessity of crypto. Also, Venezuela has a president constantly talking about their own national cryptocurrency on TV.

Dash Community in Venezuela is very smart and always working together in order to educate people how to use Dash on a daily basis.

– In what other countries is Dash especially popular and why?

– Colombia, because of the number of immigrants from Venezuela. And, basically, everywhere else due to its low fees.

Dash has one-second confirmation. Also, this is the only project with protection from 51% attack. However, the most important thing about Dash is its fast adoption in the third world countries, where governments fail to organize the economy.

– 2020 began very successfully for Dash, as in January its price increased by more than 2 times. In your opinion, how will the Dash rate change this year?

– According to the basic technical analysis Dash reached its bottom at $39 and now the only way is up! Besides that, in the past two years Dash has been growing nonstop with new integrations, partnerships expansion, marketing and most important – daily volume transactions, proving to be the real cash.

– Could you please tell us about the most successful and the most difficult periods for your cryptocurrency?

– Dash managed to increase the block size up to 2 MB in less than 24 hours by voting off the community of masternodes.

Unfortunately, traders use Dash as a form of trading speculation. Sometimes this can bring the price down, creating a shadow of the real usability of the project.

– In 2015 the creator of Dash Evan Duffield claimed that Dash will position itself as a direct competitor to Bitcoin. Is this statement relevant to date?

– This question needs to be addressed to Evan.

– What, in your opinion, has the potential to kill cryptocurrency: quantum computers, the problem of scalability or something else?

 – Not a problem as this can be corrected with the simple software updates.

– How’s Amanda B. Johnson doing these days?

– I haven’t contacted with her, but seems good as I follow her on Twitter.

– How often do you use crypto in your everyday life? Do you think it will ever be possible to live without fiat money?

– I’ve been using crypto 100% for the past three years. I don’t work for paper. 

Cripto InterCambio is committed to active development of the Crypto Diversity Program. If you have any ideas or suggestions about potential coins that can participate in the program, you are welcome to write to us at [email protected]

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