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Books about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies: 7 Books to Become an Expert on Crypto

Are you looking for the best books on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies? Delving into the cryptocurrency universe can be a rewarding experience, in addition to the possibility of making a profit by investing in this market.

Cryptocurrencies are precisely at the intersection between economics and technology. For this reason, they have many social, political, and even philosophical implications. Here are some examples:

  • What is money? How is it valued? How does it gain legitimacy?
  • Is it possible to eliminate intermediaries from transactions? What would the consequences be?
  •  What are blockchain technology’s applications? How will blockchain develop in the future?
  • How to invest safely in cryptocurrencies?

There is a huge diversity of books to answer these and other questions. This reflects the great heterogeneity of the crypto world. There are books about Bitcoin, blockchain, and other cryptocurrencies written by programmers, journalists, economists, sociologists, and crypto fans.

In this article, the Cripto InterCambio blog will present the best books on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies for you.   

The best books about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

 The Internet of Money – Andreas Antonopolous

The Internet of Money is one of the most important books in the contemporary digital economy. Antonopolous is an early-adopter of Bitcoin and is one of the people responsible for the popularization of crypto among a non-specialized public.

The book provides an interesting analysis of the history of money: its origins, how it gained legitimacy and its uses throughout history. It shows how crypto is a completely innovative event in relation to analog money.

Also, Antanopolous’ book defines main concepts, such as blockchain, peer to peer, etc. Due to its success, the author published volumes II and III of the same book. The Internet of Money volume I is available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Mastering Bitcoin – Andreas Antonopolous

Mastering Bitcoin, another classic book about Bitcoin by the same author, has become a global success by focusing exclusively on the largest of all cryptocurrencies. In a simple but profound way, Antonopoulos explains the main concepts related to BTC.

This is a book for those who would like to understand the main jargon of the Bitcoin community. Antonopoulos clearly explains concepts such as mining, Proof of Work (PoW), validators, halving, and so on. Moreover, he speculates on Bitcoin becoming an alternative to fiat currencies.

This is a key book for both beginners and advanced cryptocurrency users. It is available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Inventing Bitcoin – Yan Pritzker

Inventing Bitcoin is another excellent option for those who want to learn Bitcoin concepts from scratch.

Pritzker‘s book reviews the main ideas behind cryptocurrency architecture and explains why BTC is innovative, safe, and potentially disruptive. All this without the need for any type of computer knowledge.

The author explains the history of BTC from its beginnings until the present. It is an excellent way to learn more about the development of this currency. The work is available in English and Spanish.

The Bitcoin Standard – Saifedean Ammous

Saifedean Ammous is an economist specializing in cryptoactives. In The Bitcoin Standard, the author engages on a current socioeconomic debate: how Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, in general, can offer an alternative to today’s global economic architecture.

The author, who identifies himself with the Austrian School of economic thought, defends the potential of crypto to avoid distortions in the world market, such as bubbles, tariff wars, etc. According to him, a universal currency based on algorithms would be the starting point for greater stability in the global economy.

This book is available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Basics of Blockchain – Bettina Warburg, Tom Serres, Bill Wagner

Basics of Blockchain is an attempt to present a global picture of this technology. It was written by an academic in the field of economics, a crypto-influencer, and a Silicon Valley entrepreneur. This work offers the most complete view on blockchain available on the market.

Besides explaining the technical foundations of blockchain in simple language, the book focuses on its economic and social implications. The evolution of Bitcoin and the main altcoins are discussed in this title. Also, the ideas of decentralized finance and “tokenomics” are explained in depth.

Basics of Blockchain is only available in English.

Blockchain: la revolución industrial de internet – Alexander Preukschat

This is one of the most complete blockchain books written in Spanish. Its title in English could be translated as “Blockchain: the internet’s industrial revolution”. Preukschat discusses the new opportunities this technology could bring through expert articles in various fields.

As its title indicates, the work focuses on new blockchain applications on the Internet. The book compares current blockchain technology to the first days of the World Wide Web. Some of the most interesting applications are already available, including Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

The book is available in Spanish.

Blockchain Revolution – Don Tapscott and Alex Tapscott

In The Blockchain Revolution, Don and Alex Tapscott present several ideas on the new economic trends of the digital world, such as financial services, wikinomics, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain.

In this successful work, the authors analyze the fundamentals of blockchain technology that they consider “revolutionary”. From this point, they describe their main applications on the Internet and the future outlook.

This book is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese. It is an excellent choice for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to understand the new blockchain economy.

Books about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies: Knowledge is Power!

Despite the advances of digital applications in all areas of life, books are still the best way to get to know a topic in depth. It does not matter if you are only curious about technology, or if you are looking for investment and business possibilities with the blockchain, these books can help you increase your knowledge. Then, you can browse the Cripto InterCambio site and choose your favorite cryptocurrencies with more expertise.

Any other book suggestions? Leave your opinion in the comments!

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